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Who We Are

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Yasmine Galea


I am a 20-year-old student progressing to my fourth and final year in the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Banking and Finance.

Many times you will be seeing me bustling around and trying to get involved in as many experiences as possible. It is only through unique experiences that one would be able to grow and have as much as possible the best time ever!

Involvement in student activism has always been something I am passionate about, particularly when tackling academic and environmental issues. Following my involvement as a subcommittee member for two consecutive years, a year serving as ASCS’ Academic Officer previously and now as President, I feel that it brings out in me a more responsible and reachable person. This has allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills further, especially in time management as well as leadership.

Forming part of ASCS has brought about several positives personally on so many levels, yet, I am confident that throughout the years ASCS with the help of past executive members has definitely boosted students’ life on and off campus in some way or another. I am confident that together with the help of the rest of the executive, ASCS will strive to achieve new heights for the organisation overall and continue representing students in the best way possible.

From a very young age, I had taken up acting as a hobby which serves as an opportunity for me to put myself into the shoes of different characters. I believe that eventually, this can really help you in dealing with real-life situations themselves. Year after year, it truly has helped in developing my creativity and imagination enabling me to remain proactive. Nature, arts, heritage and culture are also dear to me, and often you will definitely see me listening to, browsing or speaking about music, places of interest, languages and so much more.

Jake Borg

Vice President


As many of you may know, my name’s Jake and I’m currently reading for a Master in Accountancy.

Being that it’s my third year within ASCS, you can say that I practically know the organisation inside and out. I’ve seen ASCS go through challenging phases, and I have also experienced a few of its greatest achievements throughout my three terms.

Thanks to ASCS, I have also matured and built upon so many skills that I would have never thought I would gain. I’m currently serving the role of Vice-President, a role which I hold with great responsibility, after serving the role of Secretary General and Academic Officer.

Apart from my love towards student affairs, my interests include the arts, mainly music, which is something that I wish to further grow my knowledge and experience within.

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Kylie Decelis

Secretary General


I am a third year BCOM student, majoring in Accountancy and Marketing and this is my first year within the ASCS Executive Team.

Student activism has always been dear to my heart thanks to previous experiences within ASCS’ Sub-Committee and events held by the organisation, and I believe it is a crucial component that aids other students within the University of Malta.

I am known for being a clean-freak and for being a very organised person – a bit too much some might say. I love spending my very limited free time either reading, going out with friends, but most importantly, napping. I love going on the occasional walks with my dog Zoe and devouring a big plate of pasta.

I aspire to further develop my creative and innovative side through working in Marketing. I love analysing different company’s brand identities and trying to understand the meaning and rationale behind the elements within their logo and their colour schemes. Most importantly, I wish to further better myself, to always be a bit kinder with every passing day and make younger me proud – and hopefully get to see Harry Styles in concert.

Cristina Grech

Financial Controller


I am a 20-year-old Bachelor of Commerce student, majoring in Accountancy and Insurance. My hobbies include going to the gym and meeting my friends in my free time.


After forming part of last year’s executive team as the External Relations Officer, I have definitely improved my communication and time management skills. Hence, I felt I was ready to take on a more challenging yet rewarding role within ASCS as the Financial Controller.


Joining ASCS has been a very positive experience, enhancing my journey at university.


I look forward to working even more with this fresh new team and building a relationship with other FEMA students.

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Mireille Filletti

Academic Officer


I’m a 20-year-old Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Accountancy and Banking and Finance.

My role mainly involves maintaining good relationships with students within our faculty by providing them with anything they may need, be it notes, past papers, majors talks and anything else that will enrich their academic life. I will make it a priority to be a point of contact for all FEMA students and assist them in the best way I can.

My hobbies include making lame jokes and puns to the point where everyone eyerolls me, shopping to the point where I have no space in my closet but still complain that I have nothing to wear, eating and then complaining that I’m getting fat and travelling.

Alec Pace

Industry Officer


I am 19 years old and am reading for my Bachelor of Science in Business and IT.


This is my second year in university and first year being involved in student activism. I have a history working in management and organisations. My interests and hobbies include football, cars and creating/hosting events.


I have chosen to join ASCS this year as I wanted to use my experiences that I gained over the years and apply it within FEMA in order to assist all the students within the faculty.

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Andrea Galea

External Relations Officer


I am a 20-year-old Bachelor of Commerce student, majoring in Accounting and Insurance.

My hobbies include football and watching films/series in my free time. After having multiple experiences in the student council, both at secondary and post-secondary level, I felt I was ready to take on a new challenge at university. Thus, joining ASCS has been very beneficial so far, helping me strengthen my soft skills, whilst at the same time aiding as many FEMA students as possible.

I am very excited to be part of the future of ASCS and can’t wait to build relationships with external companies in order to increase the number of opportunities for students.

Sara Scerri

Public Relations Officer


I am a 19-year-old Bachelor of Commerce Student majoring in Accounting [unfortunately] and Banking & Finance.

I can't say that I have ever been involved in Student Activism, however I became interested after attending several ASCS events last year.

Growing up I always enjoyed sport, being watching my favourite teams compete or practicing myself. For the past 10 years I have dedicated a lot of time to training Karate which has instilled in me discipline, leadership and time management – although I have come to the realisation that my time management is not the best.

My hobbies include travelling and immersing myself into different cultures, learning new languages and trying traditional food. In the little free time I might have, or while procrastinating a task, I'm always praying that one day I will get to buy a Coldplay ticket without having 1 million people waiting in line before me.

ASCS so far has been a very hectic but rewarding experience. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for the entire team.

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Louisa Buhagiar

Media Officer


I am a 19-year-old Bachelor of Commerce student in my second year of studies, majoring in Marketing and Insurance. I have a passion for marketing; in particular content creation and hope to pursue a career in digital marketing.


In my free time, if I’m not at dance class, I’m usually burning through my To Be Read list or cuddling with my cats. One thing I make sure of is to always have something to do, and to be as productive as possible.


I look forward to utilising my creativity and improving my graphical design skills while working with ASCS. My personal goal for this term is to create eye-catching brand material that will attract students to the organisation and therefore, have a great university experience.

Ingrid Ciontescu

International Officer


I am a 20-year-old Romanian who moved to Malta to pursue my undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Commerce with Banking and Finance and Business and Enterprise Management and as my majors.


Student activism has always been part of my life as I enjoy helping others and keeping myself occupied. I took part in more than 15 Erasmus Youth Exchanges where I took the position of not only a participant, but also as a leader and organiser, thus this giving me the opportunity to broaden my social network.


I love to travel, which is why I have visited over 30 countries. Through these trips, I got the chance to explore distinct cultures and to meet unique people with whom I keep close contact to this day.


Through ASCS, I aim to expand my social connections and to boost local students’ opportunities to study abroad through Erasmus. Furthermore, I will try my best to help and accommodate the exchange students that want to pursue their studies at FEMA.

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Antonio Vittorio Cassar

Policy Officer


I am the eldest of the bunch pursuing an MSc in Economics, colloquially known as Toninu.

There are no ends to my interests having experienced playing a sport, being involved in the creative arts, and engaging in any conversational topic you can possibly imagine. Yet, the modus operandi of politics and economics have a special place in my heart as they shape the way we live, think, and interact with each other.

Being a relatively quiet person has allowed me to be a good listener, but I am always down to share my thoughts over a nice cup of tea. I hope to be a lecturer and academic in the long term, debating with the greatest minds alive. Through ASCS I aim to be in a position to meet new personalities whilst celebrating the beauty of diverse ideas for a healthier society.

McAlister Azzopardi

Events Officer


I am a graduate in Bachelor of Commerce and a first year student in the Master in Strategic Management and Digital Marketing programme.

Throughout my years at the University of Malta, I have seen how student organisations are at the heart of the university and believed that through my previous experience and my eagerness to learn I would have much to offer in the role of events officer.

I have a passion for the arts and love any adventurous activity where I get to know new people. I also enjoy traveling and any media through which I can express my creativity.

So far, forming part of ASCS has been an amazing experience and has taught me much more than I had expected which will surely be a great asset later on in life. I cannot wait to see what the coming year holds for ASCS and I’m glad that I could be part of that journey.

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