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ASCS does not claim to have authored these past papers, and in no way are they assuring their quality. ASCS is therefore not responsible for any misuse of these past papers, as they are only intended as extra material which may be referred to if required. These past papers are a useful study resource meant to supplement the content provided during lectures, yet they are in no way intended to replace lecture notes or lecturer’s guidance. It is imperative to note that there may have been changes in some study-units, syllabi, and methods of examination over the years, rendering sections of these past examination papers outdated.

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Malcolm Meli

PwC Student | Third Year B.Com Accounting & Marketing

I decided to choose accounting as one of my majors since it opens up a number of doors when it comes to professional career opportunities. At PwC, I have the opportunity to explore the different areas of accounting, including finance and corporate managed services, auditing, tax accounting, as well as advisory.

These past two years studying accounting at University, provided me many unique and exciting experiences. Within the Accounting major, there are classes such as law which provide a wide spectrum to the world of commerce. Both of my majors had a huge impact in my place of work. At PwC we had covered certain topics related to accounting which hadn’t been covered yet in university. Therefore, gathering first hand experience throughout my summer internship, provided a better learning experience at University. I grew to understand that what you learn with the majors you choose, will forever be useful and it is interesting to see how you can put what you learn at university into practice in the workplace.

Kyra Damato

PwC Student | Master in Accountancy
Banking & Finance & Accounting

Banking and Finance had always interested me from a young age. In fact, before deciding to pursue a career in Accountancy, my initial dream job was to work at a bank. From a finance perspective, I had even done my own research on stocks, bonds, funds, and other aspects of investment because I found them interesting and useful for my own personal investment decisions.

The workload of accountancy and banking and finance as majors is pretty much even. I made sure to plan well ahead of exam seasons and followed the guidance of lecturers and tutors. During my job shadowing experience at PwC, I found that I could really relate banking and finance to the Banking team within the assurance department. Thanks to my studies in this major, I could understand all the terminology and operations involved in the audit of a bank, which would otherwise have been quite difficult to grasp.

Daniel Agius

PwC Student | Third Year B.Com Economics & Accounting

I have always wondered how money moves around in an economy, how it is generated and how this is effected by other features of a country like politics, thus, I decided to pursue my studies in economics at university. I find it interesting how one can find proofs of theoretical knowledge through mathematical computations. My other major is accounting which gives an internal view of a firm’s operation while economics provides the theory to support where figures in accounting come from and the drives of change in the accounts of a firm.

During my work experience with PwC, economics helped define certain aspects of firms. For example the different types of firms and how these are set up. Moreover, working at PwC helped give me an insight on how certain
scenarios mentioned during my studies happen in real life, such as how a firm is liquidated.

Georgette Camilleri

PwC Student | Master in Accountancy
Insurance & Accounting

Insurance is all around us and ever-evolving, hence I decided to choose insurance as my major, along with accounting. To guide me further, I spoke with Prof. Simon Grima (Head of Department) and Mr Andre Farrugia, which solidified my decision.


Balancing the two majors was not very difficult as they both have different workloads that can be easily maintained. Now that I finished my bachelor's degree, I find myself at an advantage having studied insurance. This is primarily because, during the two years, we learned several study units, each having a unique characteristic that makes them interesting.

Having insurance as a major helped me understand certain aspects of the work that I was given throughout my experience with PwC. Even though my main focus is accounting, whilst working at PwC, I have had the opportunity to work in areas related to insurance and since I have a background and knowledge on insurance aspects, I could easily understand all the information without needing to research fundamental insurance concepts.


Isaac Portelli

PwC Student | Third Year B.Com Management & Accounting

A year ago, I was required to choose two major subjects going into my second year of the course. I remember being dead set on choosing Accounting as one of the two majors, however,
I was unsure about which subject would compliment Accounting best whilst also satisfying my personal predilection. I ended up going with Management; aspiring for managerial roles in my prospective career. Now that my second year is over, I can confidently say that I am proud to
have chosen this major. Management has mainly helped me improve my public speaking and presentation skills whilst also extending my knowledge on soft skills during my internship at
PwC. Thanks to Management, one should expect to become more mature and learn better how to take responsibility in a work environment. Management combined with Accountancy allows for a very comfortable timetable which grants the student ample free time. Moreover, Management study-units being predominantly assignment-based help the student to perfect their submissions under stress-free conditions. Notwithstanding all this, Management remains a very fruitful major which ought to serve well any student who chooses it as one of his/her majors.

Zack Borg

PwC Student | Third Year B.Com
Marketing & Accounting

The decision to choose Marketing as a major came about through the fact that it is a highly competitive and rewarding field. Being someone who grew up playing sports and being
competitive, I’ve always felt that a line of work for myself would be along those lines. It is also a constantly growing subject, especially in Malta, as digital and social media Marketing continue to take over our everyday lives.

Balancing both majors is like balancing anything else in life. It presents its own challenges but I was determined to manage my time to the best of my abilities. There are certain instances
where I had to dedicate more time to one particular study unit over the other, depending on how demanding or time consuming the task is but through grit and time management I have always managed to make it work.

The Marketing major helped me when it came to working at PwC as through learning the concepts at university, such as click-through rates in Digital marketing, target audiences and
brand awareness, I was able to understand and provide my feedback and knowledge in the area.

Chantelle Dowling

PwC Student | Master in Accountancy
Marketing & Accounting

I chose marketing as one of my majors as I have always been interested in analysing the market and understanding the consumer behaviour. Marketing has always intrigued me since it allows one to think outside the box and face challenges in order to come up with a unique way of satisfying the customers.

Nowadays, almost every business across all industries relies on marketing to create brand recognition. Therefore, such major along with my other major, Accountancy, are both fields which are highly valued in business, and this allowed me to seek a variety of business opportunities. Throughout my learning experience, I also managed to find a balance between these two majors as although these might be seen as two distinct fields, they work hand-in-hand to monitor sales trends and oversee the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

In respect to working with PwC, Marketing also helped me to get a better understanding of a business’s profitability, and in addition it helps in identifying what an organisation is trying to
accomplish as well as linking a company's financial outcomes to its overall goals.

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